Intelligent Automation Eliminates Manual Data Entry From Complex Documents

02/19/2015 - 21:37

There is an interesting theme that runs throughout the Internet documentary “Humans Need Not Apply”: Technological automation doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be better than the humans it is replacing. And, it turns out, that’s a benchmark that is being met and exceeded in more areas than one could have previously imagined. For instance, some paper-intensive workflows were once thought to be so complex that they required human labor to manage them. That’s no longer the case.

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Driving Global Payments and Information Exchange Throughout the Financial and Banking Industries

09/26/2013 - 19:04

Many of the modern conveniences banking and financial services customers enjoy throughout the world today are enabled by A2iA’s data, image and word recognition innovations.  In fact, A2iA’s check processing software and document management technologies have become an indispensable part of global commerce – helping to expedite and authenticate payments and supporting documents, from the back office to the teller window, to the ATM, merchant, mobile device or other remote capture locations.

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Accelerate and Simplify the Medical Coding Process while Keeping Costs Down

09/26/2013 - 19:03

Experts agree that existing Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) solutions will not be able to meet tomorrow’s challenges of delayed payments and coding errors without added capabilities – ones that bridge patient care with the entire workflow, from clinical care through to the billing and revenue cycle. Coders today face the challenge of turning their data into electronic information and must also prepare for the ICD-10 conversion. By automatically locating keywords from medical charts and physicians notes, A2iA helps you get the job done faster and save money.

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Recognition Technology for Streamlined BPO and Service Bureau Operations

09/26/2013 - 19:02

With an increasing demand for timely data processing, taking on the task of processing someone else's data can be cumbersome given the large amount of complex data that resides on physical documents. Learn how BPOs and Service Bureaus can implement the best possible practices for handling their customers’ data with A2iA.

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Image-Enabled ATMs: Driving Better User Experiences and Improving Operational Margins

09/26/2013 - 19:01

The advantages of self-service check processing are evident, and the market is demanding solutions for convenience and ease. Image-enabled ATMs are no longer a nice-to-have, but a need-to-have. Find out why ATMs around the globe are driven by A2iA's recognition technology, and why banks say that instant authentication of the check at ATM presentment reduces errors, minimizes fraud and improves customer service.

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Creating the Next Generation of Claims Process Automation Together

09/26/2013 - 19:00

A2iA's tackling tomorrow’s hybrid workflow with reduced resources and less overhead, giving you a competitive advantage. By enabling the complex portion of a claims workflow to be automated, A2iA’s advanced data capture and automatic indexing engines allow you to speed processing times and reimbursements, benefiting both payors and providers.

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Helping to Achieve an Electronic Administration with Transparency

09/26/2013 - 18:59

Complex data extraction and advanced classification for e-discovery, de-classification, redaction, and archiving are some of the many projects in which A2iA has been tasked with for the government space. This document discusses the ways in which our technology can provide operative solutions for document management within the federal, state and local, and military and defense sectors.

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Historic Document Conversion: Uncover the Past, Automatically

09/26/2013 - 18:58

Your complex archives contain important information that can help uncover the past and even unlock a piece of history. Discover the information trapped in these historic records and locate, extract, and index the data for search and reporting.

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Delivering a Strategic Advantage within the Insurance Market

09/26/2013 - 18:57

Insurance claims and supporting documents, including those for property and casualty, life and annuities, and health insurance sectors, are high in volume and contain complex data, whether it resides on structured forms or completely unstructured free-form letters. Eliminate costly, manual labor and document handling and see real results with a tangible ROI.

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Automate Lockbox Banking and Reduce the Need for Manual Keying.

09/26/2013 - 18:56

With over 30 million lockbox payments being processes each month, how do you minimize fraud, ensure timely deposits and still produce and ROI? Businesses both large and small benefit from A2iA DocumentReader's integration into lockboxes. By virtually eliminating manual keying, businesses cut processing costs, ensure privacy and minimize fraud.

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