Capturing and Powering Global Commerce with Speed and Certainty

CheckReader™ is the global standard for advanced image analysis and intelligent recognition software used to seamlessly, precisely and securely process checks and other payment documentation by banks, financial institutions and other progressive corporations around the world. Mitek’s technology continues to be a pioneer that helps give greater confidence, freedom and funds accessibility to banks and its customers alike. Because of CheckReader™, consumers now enjoy a time-savings and more secure check processing benefits– which come in handy for today’s fast-paced society.

Applications: Information Verification, Secure Transactions and Fraud Detection

As our technology is entrusted to help process financial information and transactions, Mitek recognizes that three issues are paramount for our customers: making sure the extracted fields, including the courtesy (CAR) and legal (LAR) amounts are correct, verifying the parties on each side of the transaction are legitimate by performing positive-pay functionality, and ensuring the transaction is completed quickly and securely. Capturing and recognizing the data found on each payment is a crucial and multi-dimensional capability that CheckReader™ provides. In fact, CheckReader™ is used during millions of successful transactions every day, helping to minimize errors and detect fraud within the global payment market.

You Really Can Have It All – with CheckReader™

Banks have shaped their operations to utilize CheckReader™ as their core engine. From branches and teller windows, to back offices and central processes, ATMs, merchants, fraud applications and more – you can bank securely from almost anywhere in the world, and CheckReader™ supports these needs. Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR), ICR, OCR and handwriting analysis combined on one product make it possible.

What will you do with the added speed and savings CheckReader™ affords you?