The Next Generation of Mobile Data Recognition is Here, and it has a Global Footprint: Document, ID and Check Processing on Your Android & iOS Phone or Tablet

With Mobility™, you can take your data recognition and image analysis capabilities with you wherever you go. Whether you're a consumer or a corporation, it’s like having a back office in your back pocket! Fueled by proprietary technology, we've combined our patented Auto-Locate™ feature with all offline functionality to deliver a quick and simple user experience. Without any manual keying, the image is automatically captured and all pertinent data is located and extracted directly on the phone or tablet. Create next-generation mobile applications with capabilities that allow you to address the omni-channel and are proven in solutions for corporations, remote agents, and consumers alike. And, with its global footprint, Mobility can address handwriting styles, document / check formats, and IDs, passports, and visas from more than 230+ countries around the world.

iOS and Android Mobile Data Capture and Image Recognition for:

  • Checks
  • ID cards, Drivers' licenses, Passports, Visas - from more than 230+ countries
  • Receipts
  • Remittance coupons for mobile bill pay
  • Field recognition from handwritten or printed documents and forms

No Limitations, No Boundaries – Let 'Auto-Locate' Capture the Image Automatically

Mobility™ proves a simple user experience. All image analysis and data extraction are performed client-side on the phone or tablet, offering the convenience of all offline capabilities. And with its 'Auto-Locate' feature that automatically takes the photo, users can quickly capture an image without any manual interaction. There is no bounding-box or pre-defined zone required – as long as the document is shown on the screen of the mobile device, Mobility™ will intelligently locate and capture the image when it is found in focus.

Mobility™ delivers a seamless, more convenient experience for the user – the everyday consumer or remote agents in the field.

Applications: For Both the Mobile Consumer and Corporation

Consumer and user behavior is increasingly driven by applications available on ever-present smart phones and tablets. The impact on companies and global commerce has been dramatic. With Mobility™, you don’t have to slow down your lifestyle to fit the application. It fits you.

For established markets, as well as countries where the language is not English, Mobility™ is the perfect mobile data recognition component - for financial institutions, corporations, merchants, and retailers. Available in multiple countries and language versions,  Mobility™ address the local truncation requirements around the world and is the only mobile check processing toolkit able to address check formats and handwriting styles from the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Expand existing services and speed access to information - regardless of whether you're a consumer or a business looking for a faster, more efficient way to capture data from payments and forms.

See how Mobility™ can address consumer-based workflows and corporate capture and payments. It’s a whole new era of mobility and convenience.

Make Mobility™ yours.