Accessing More

Mitek’s comprehensive suite of data extraction and document classification products features state-of-the-art recognition toolkits that have been designed with one goal in mind – to help businesses access more data, extract more actionable intelligence and produce more profitable returns from their document conversion and information automation processes.

What truly sets Mitek’s products apart is our unmatched ability to locate, capture and classify even the most complex and difficult to quantify data from all types of documents, into readily accessible, searchable and reportable digital files.

Increasing Utility and Value

Our customers most frequently comment on the improved automation efficiencies and measurable results they see with Mitek – less document handling and lower FTE costs, faster processing of information and accelerated response times, and, especially, the increased value and utility they are able to derive from the data they can now more effectively access and utilize across the organization.

Depending on the industry and application, it is not uncommon for companies to deploy multiple Mitek products to leverage their information processing advantage. Mitek’s products include:

  • Mitek TextReader™
  • Mitek DocumentReader™
  • Mitek Mobility™
  • Mitek mNote™
  • Mitek FieldReader™
  • Mitek CheckReader™

 Understanding the Mitek Difference

What’s our secret? It’s our technologies’ unique ability to locate, recognize and route incoming data that ranges from printed information to cursive handwriting, from structured to unstructured document formats. This combined sensitivity enables Mitek’s customers to access more of their critical data and to classify it more efficiently and effectively, reducing manual document handling and delivering a visible ROI.

Mitek technologies are available in 9 languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Russian – and offer 42 country footprint.

No Third Parties = No Problems

Mitek’s technology is developed and brought to market by our in-house Research and Development Team, working within one of the world’s largest private research labs. Our products do not incorporate third-party technology, which means you are working directly with the developer and have more control over the capabilities. Customers appreciate the tighter solution and smaller footprint that Mitek offers – secure in knowing the products Mitek provides are proven to work!