The growing volume of paper documents and the need for quick access to all types of information contained within them is an ongoing challenge for telecom organizations.  Regardless of whether the document is photographed with a mobile device for KYC or electronic money management, or scanned in the back office for contracts management and customer communication workflows, Mitek’s software delivers access to both the simple and complex data for search, archiving, and even to meet regulatory compliance guidelines.


The New Face of the Telecom Provider: Mobile Money, onBoarding, and More

In the developed world we rely on these organizations to deliver access to a telephone, electricity to power our homes, and oil and gas to heat our homes and fuel our vehicles.

But in other markets, telecom companies are delivering services outside of their traditional scope. In these emerging markets, telecom operators are functioning as financial services and loan companies, tying payments and electronic money directly to the users’ mobile account. Knowing their customer (KYC) is critical, as is the ability to quickly and easily onboard new users and process transactions directly from a mobile device. Mitek’s mobile toolkits deliver a simple user experience to capture and process documents like ID cards, checks, and other forms, to help with the quick onboarding of new subscribers, identify SIM cards for registration, meet compliance regulations, and even play a role in payments and electronic money.

Speed Read Your Mail With Mitek Recognition Technologies

In the more traditional sense of the telecom market, and charged with communicating with millions of customers – each with varying levels of access to electronic devices and familiarity with digital technology – telecom and utility companies receive large volumes of hard copy documents in the mail. Typically, this correspondence includes handwritten notes and letters as well as payment forms and documents. Mitek’s world-class recognition technology helps capture, classify and sort these diverse data sources and convert them into intelligent digital files. By helping to automate the document management workflow, turning a manual, labor-intensive process into a seamless, smart, “hands-free” solution, Mitek delivers fast and accurate access to business-critical information.

Making Your Customers Champions of Your Company

What is the value of more responsive and effective customer service for utility and telecom companies? In addition to the reduced operational costs – lower labor costs, fewer service calls, less service interruption – and a more actionable digital database, there is also the goodwill built with customers through speed to action. In today’s mobile and connected information age, quick response times and accurate information ensures champions of your company within your current customer base.