Accelerating Claim Processing and Accuracy

For insurance providers, the keys to maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction share a common driver – the ability to quickly and accurately aggregate data, correctly code and classify that information, and then take the appropriate action and respond to customers based on that business intelligence. Mitek helps its insurance customers compress the time between claim submission and provider response, often found with manual adjudication, by accelerating document management workflows and minimizing the manual “hands on” time in the automation process. The higher the claim volume and the more complex the range of documents to be processed, the greater the value Mitek’s recognition technologies deliver for insurance companies.

All the Information You Need, Right Where You Want It

Forms, documents and payments come in all types, sizes and formats. They can be highly structured with defined data fields or they can be as unstructured as a handwritten letter – or a combination of both! And, they can arrive at the processing location from a number of different sources and in a variety of conditions. So how do you ensure the information you need to make the correct processing decision – gathered from these disparate documents – is available when you need it, where you need it? Mitek’s intelligent recognition technology helps turn these critical data sources into fully searchable, readily accessible digital files.

Reducing Costs and Expediting More Profitable Decisions

By improving the speed and accuracy of insurance document automation and claims processing, Mitek customers are also reducing the costs of their everyday operations associated with manual adjudication. More timely responses and more correct “first pass” classifications reduce claim bottlenecks and improve execution on reconciliations across the enterprise.