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Client-Side Mobile Data Recognition

Quickly Capture all Documents for a Simple User Experience,
Offline & Client-Side

a2ia Mobility

One Toolkit for Multiple Workflows & Document Types: mRDC, mBoarding, ID capture and more

a2ia mNote

Turn Handwritten Notes into Digital Documents Offline, Directly on your Smartphone or Tablet

New Approach to Document Management

Improve Your Document Classification, Data Extraction & Full Text Transcription

a2ia DocumentReader

Advanced Classification & Data Extraction from Structured & Unstructured Documents

a2ia TextReader

Full Text Transcription from Printed & Cursive Handwritten Documents

Accelerate Your Forms & Checks Automation

Data Extraction
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a2ia CheckReader

Automatically Capture Data, Mitigate Fraud & Ensure Image Quality Standards on Checks & Other Payment Documents

a2ia FieldReader

Data Extraction from Handwritten or Machine Printed Forms


A2iA Announces Support for Offline Chinese, Russian & Arabic Text Transcription

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A2iA is an award-winning developer of handwriting recognition, text extraction and document classification software. With simple, easy to use and intuitive toolkits, A2iA delivers add-on features to speed automation, simplify customer engagement and quickly capture all types of data from documents – whether captured by a desktop scanner or mobile device.