The original recognition innovator – and still global leader

Every game-changing and paradigm-shifting software or technology ever developed has a central icon.

Scientist Jean-Claude Simon performed groundbreaking work on automated handwriting recognition and workflow automation, which led to A2iA's founding in Paris, France in 1991.

Since its inception, A2iA has been a science-driven and research-based technology and software developer. The commitment and standard set by Mr. Simon carries through to the current day.  Fully 100% of A2iA's products are developed, tested and perfected in-house at A2iA’s research and development laboratory, the largest private research and development facility of its kind anywhere in the world.

Because of its commitment to R&D and to creating best-in-breed software toolkits, A2iA invests 25% of its annual revenue back into research and development each year.

Jean-Claude Simon knew that the only way to remain a global leader was to continue to innovate, grow and evolve. A2iA continues to follow his lead, while blazing some new trails of its own.

Intelligent Word Recognition and cursive data extraction.  Automated document workflows.  Offline mobile image analysis and data recognition.

What's the next frontier in recognition technologies?

Chances are, we will get there first.