Enable BPOs to Improve Profit Margins while Delivering Quicker and More Accurate Access to Customers' Data Processing Needs

03/31/2016 - 01:02

Automation is the key to a successful document workflow, and something that service bureaus must manage on a daily basis. With razor thin profit margins, business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations know all too well the importance that technology plays in developing a successful document management system and their ability to meet customer timelines and requirements. 

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Streamlining Revenue Cycle Management for Improved Efficiency and Financial Outcomes

03/30/2016 - 00:57

Many healthcare organizations are advancing beyond the  implementation of electronic health record (EHR) solutions and are now faced with new challenges: how to improve the health information exchange and to enhance the overall financial performance of the care facility. It has become imperative that providers, payers, and patients have expedited accessibility to health information. However, with this expanded access to data and the widening necessity of interoperability, healthcare organizations can no longer survive with segmented data or siloed processes, and must face these new challenges by first addressing their revenue cycle automation.  

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Self-Service Kiosks: Supporting Branch Transformation in an Increasingly Digital World

10/29/2015 - 21:41

In an increasingly digital world, financial institutions are shifting gears to modernize and evolve with the changing needs of their client, and as clients’ expectations evolve, the more important an FIs omnichannel strategy becomes. The branch can no longer function simply as a transaction-based facility. Rather, consumers are looking for multifaceted experiences that use digital tools to successfully enhance the ‘self-service’ environment. The omni-channel strategy must incorporate a means of consistency across all platforms and therefore, the branch transformation process must carefully consider all touch-points of a consumer’s experience. 

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Advanced Data Extraction Delivers Tangible Results Required for Improved Interoperability

10/29/2015 - 21:38

As interoperability becomes increasingly important, healthcare organizations must adapt their processes to be smarter. While the data output from healthcare systems grows exponentially over time, the more important the digitalization of healthcare documentation and the data stored within, becomes. This begins with a streamlined health IT workflow process designed around automated data recognition, classification, and indexing of each form, chart and record. By removing the time-consuming manual tasks, data is more readily available and transferable across the healthcare organization, for use within electronic health record solutions, and revenue cycle processes, starting from the provider and translating into better care for the patient. 

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U.S.-based Mortgage Lender Utilizes Mobile Technology to Speed the Loan Approval Process with Self-Service Automation

05/15/2015 - 23:55

A top 10 mortgage lender in the United States has been providing loans across the country for nearly 40 years. In an effort to speed and simplify the loan approval process, a practice that is traditionally long and cumbersome, the mortgage provider enlisted mobile technology to allow for self-service automation. With the customer in control and able to provide information at their convenience, the loan process is shortened and simplified, allowing the organization to serve more customers than if they were to utilize only traditional processing methods.

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French Bank Simplifies Enrollment Process and Increases Productivity with A2iA Mobility

02/25/2015 - 00:25

One of the largest banking groups in France selected A2iA Mobility for a mobile enrollment project. From anywhere on their own phone or tablet, customers can now automatically capture and extract key information from IDs, proof of residency and other documents, speeding access to data and simplifying the mobile enrollment process. By significantly reducing the number of customer visits to the branch, A2iA Mobility has also created a new customer experience by enabling self-service processes with high quality gains and a reduced operating cost for each branch.  In addition to banking customers, bank employees can also utilize the app at the bank by photographing the IDs and forms and speeding access to the information, without the need for manual entry.

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A2iA & CFS Deliver Check21 Compliant Mobile Solution to Banks & Credit Unions: Easy to Use, Scalable, and Customizable

02/19/2015 - 19:08

App users reap the benefits of a simple user experience and the ability to bank anywhere at any time - just open the app, snap a photo, and let the software take care of the rest.  In fact, the numbers speak for themselves – with proven and established deployments, CFS’ partners continue to see a rapid increase in the number of app users, who process thousands of checks each month across multiple financial institutions. While the financial institutions benefit from customer retention and increased membership, they also know they’re armed with a powerful, secure, scalable solution that mitigates their risk and delivers features that are unmatched in the market.

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Healthcare BPO selects A2iA DocumentReader™ to replace underperforming technology

09/26/2013 - 20:00

A leading business process outsourcing firm (BPO) that focuses on the healthcare space receives boxes of paper documents from their providers’ facilities each morning. To prepare each box for delivery, the facility would first sort the documents by patient and then by type of visit. Once received at the BPO, the documents were further sorted by hand based on their categorization and then again based on their document type within each category. Although classification software was being utilized in-house, the BPO was not satisfied with its results and sought to find an easier-to-use, higher performing solution.

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Archives at the Yale University Peabody Museum made searchable to scientists around the world

09/26/2013 - 19:00

Approximately 350,000 specimen labels make up Yale University’s Herbarium collection. The labels are highly unstructured and contain cursive handwriting, some of which dates back 160 years. Yale wanted to make the information computer-accessible while creating significant efficiencies. By capturing data from specimen labels, A2iA DocumentReader enables easy and efficient electronic search and view of the archives. It unlocks valuable cursive handwritten information, previously unavailable in electronic form, for scientists, researchers and educators worldwide.

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One of the largest diagnostic testing labs selects A2iA to modernizes operations within its primary business unit

09/26/2013 - 19:00

Initiated by the customer’s C-Suite as part of a five-year savings plan, the organization looked to modernize operations within its primary business unit and to automate its paper-based processes. The chosen solution was required to provide value with respect to shortened processing times and increased efficiencies, but also by delivering an ROI. Additionally, since this venture was to completely transform the original way of doing business, it needed to reach a significant level of performance to validate the change and win buy-in from stakeholders within the business, operations and technical teams.

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