Don’t Let Complex Documents Slow You Down


As a business processing outsourcing (BPO) company handling document automation for any number of companies and industries, the phrases, “time is money” and “speed to result” have particular resonance and meaning. At Mitek, we understand that if a complex document is unreadable and derails your workflow, it leads to costly, labor-intensive tasks. With the industry’s most advanced recognition and classification software geared to tackle even the toughest freeform documents with handwritten data fields, Mitek can help you automate your data entry, improve your accuracy and accelerate your workflow automation. 

Accelerating Service, Accuracy for Service Bureaus

The key to a service bureau’s automation speed and document processing efficiency is the accuracy of the recognition technologies it employs across the enterprise. Mitek DocumentReader™ is the best recognition software in its class, with advanced classification and data extraction capabilities allowing users to automatically locate, extract and classify even the most complex data quickly and correctly. This enables a workflow to accept documents of all types, structures and complexity. It also significantly reduces manual data entry keying, thereby maximizing processing speed and reducing project turn-around-time.

Added Security: Protecting Privacy and Your Profits

As stewards of your clients’ documents, and the sensitive information contained therein, complying with government regulations to ensure privacy guidelines are met is an ongoing priority. An added benefit of workflow automation powered by Mitek’s recognition technology is that it minimizes manual document handling – thereby reducing security risk. These efficiencies translate into a sizable and sustainable reduction of operational costs, which in turn increases profitability.

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