A2iA Signs Agreement with Global Provider of Merchant Payment Services to deliver capabilities for Offline Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

March 10, 2016

A2iA announced a new partnership with a Global provider of merchant payment services. Under the terms of the agreement, A2iA Mobility™, A2iA’s client-side and offline mobile SDK, will be integrated into the provider’s mobile app to automatically extract data from checks and to confirm that the image meets all image truncation requirements, such as Check 21 standards in the United States.

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A2iA Unveils New Version of A2iA Mobility that Recognizes all Passports & Visas from more than 230 Countries Around the World

February 22, 2016

A2iA announced the availability of its newest offline and clientside identity document recognition capabilities this week in Barcelona, Spain, at Mobile World Congress. A2iA Mobility supports the recognition of all International Travel Documents as defined by the ICAO specifications document 9303, including passports and visas from more than 230 countries from around the world, as well as U.S drivers’ licenses and French national identity cards (CNI). 

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A2iA Mobility™ V4.0 Boasts Expanded List of Supported Documents, Including U.S. Drivers’ Licenses, Receipts and Field Recognition of Printed and Handwritten Data from Forms and Documents

February 12, 2016

A2iA Mobility V4.0 allows users to automatically locate and extract data from U.S. drivers’ licenses, receipts and perform field recognition of printed and handwritten data from forms and documents. Enabling self-service for the consumer or corporate user, and a simple but powerful solution for the merchant, financial institution or issuer, users can enroll in a new account, deposit a check, fund a loan, apply for a credit card, or perform other key functions directly on their handset, from anywhere, at any time. A2iA Mobility is the only mobile toolkit on the market to include check recognition support for the United States, Canada, and countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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A2iA Awarded U.S. Patent for Automated Capture Capabilities within its Offline and Client-Side Mobile Toolkit

December 8, 2015

A2iA announced today that it has been granted Patent No. 9,160,946 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Released earlier this year, A2iA Mobility’s Auto-Locate feature automatically detects a document, check or ID card within a video stream and intelligently locates and captures the image when it is found in focus.  Simplifying the user experience by allowing for the quick capture of documents without having to touch the shutter button of the camera, there is no bounding-box or pre-defined capture zone required.  The user simply holds the mobile device over the document and ensures the corners are shown on the screen of the phone or the tablet.  Regardless of its orientation, A2iA Mobility automatically detects the edges, captures the image, and performs offline image correction and data extraction – directly on the device.    

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A2iA Named Finalist for KMWorld’s KM Promise Award for Continuous Innovation in Providing Organizations with Tangible Results for Improving Complex Business Processes

November 17, 2015

A2iA announced today it was named a finalist for KMWorld’s KM Promise Award. This award annually recognizes organizations who deliver on the promise to provide innovative technology solutions within knowledge management, and whose technology improves business processes with real-world and tangible benefits for its users.  A2iA’s product suite includes software toolkits available for seamless integration into both server- and mobile-based applications. Trusted globally and proven to automatically locate and extract data ranging from structured and machine printed information, to unstructured cursive handwritten data, A2iA’s partners see a tangible savings in both processing time and operational cost as they gain more access to data previously out of reach due to its complexity.

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New Release of A2iA Mobility Simplifies the User Experience with its ‘Auto-Locate’ Feature: Quickly Capture an Image without any User Interaction: No Bounding-Box or Pre-Defined Zone Required

July 28, 2015

Boasting its new Auto-Locate feature, A2iA Mobility V3.0 is further simplifying the user experience by allowing the user to capture an image of a document, check or ID without any interaction or pressing of the camera’s shutter button. By automatically detecting a document within a video stream and taking the photo, there is no bounding-box or pre-defined zone required – as long as the document is shown on the screen of the mobile device, A2iA Mobility will intelligently locate and capture the image.  A2iA Mobility V3.0 also includes a new Australian country version to add to its global footprint.

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A2iA & Jaguar Software Partner to Address Mobile Commercial Payments

June 2, 2015

Customizable and scalable to meet the commercial payment requirements of small merchants and large corporations alike, mobile Check Payments (mCP) by Jaguar Software, powered by A2iA Mobility, simplifies and shortens the payment cycle, and reduces the risk associated with checks captured by remote agents, delivery drivers or field service agents. With proof of negotiability at the point-of-presentment and an immediate update to the organization’s accounts receivable system for guaranteed end-of-day balancing, mCP allows  for  the  check  to  be  processed  offline, from anywhere on a handset.

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A2iA to Showcase New Software at HIMSS15: First Toolkit on the Market to Recognize Full Text Printed and Cursive Handwriting, Without a Dictionary

April 13, 2015

A2iA, the industry’s leading developer of specialized software tools that help users optimize their data capture, document processing and workflow automation capabilities, will showcase its newest product, A2iA TextReader™, at HIMSS15 in Chicago, IL.  Utilizing a new and unique RNN-based technology developed in-house by A2iA’s award-winning R&D Team, the same powerful engine can be used for printed and cursive text recognition, enabling all types of documents found within patient charts to be transformed into searchable and editable formats – without the use of a dictionary.  

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A2iA Launches A2iA TextReader™: the first toolkit on the market to recognize full printed and cursive handwritten text, without a dictionary

February 5, 2015

For the first time on the market, and powered by a new and unique RNN-based technology developed by A2iA’s in-house R&D Team, the same powerful engine can be used for printed and cursive text recognition, enabling all types of documents be transformed into searchable and editable formats – without the use of a dictionary.  Users gain complete processing control over the document recognition settings and results, as the engine can return both a literal transcription and data extraction from any format of information.  

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A2iA Signs a Strategic Partnership with DC Thomson Family History for Historic Document Conversion

December 16, 2014

A2iA has announced a strategic partnership with DC Thomson Family History. The British-owned world leader in online genealogy will collaborate with A2iA to automatically access information within historic documents by utilizing A2iA DocumentReader's handwriting classification and extraction capabilities.

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