A2iA Excels in International Arabic Handwriting Recognition Pilot Evaluation

October 27, 2010

An evaluation of transcription and word recognition technologies for document images that contain primarily Arabic script, OpenHaRT is an international evaluation organized by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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A2iA Recognized as ‘KMWorld Promise Award’ Finalist Due to Innovation and Worldwide Achievements of A2iA DocumentReader™

October 20, 2010

Honored for a fourth year as a 'KMWorld Promise Award Finalist,' and for the fifth time this year, A2iA DocumentReader is recognized for its innovation and worldwide achievements. Proven to reduce manual labor and automate a workflow containing complex data ranging from machine print through to cursive handwriting, this proprietary toolkit delivers real-world successes in the areas of knowledge management and improved business processes.

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New Developments to A2iA’s Core Recognition Engines Address the Needs of Users Worldwide

October 14, 2010

A2iA announced new features and improvements to its core, proprietary recognition engines. By allowing complex and cursive handwritten data to become part of a structured database from all types of forms, documents and checks, including cursive handwritten letters, A2iA is proven to reduce manual data-entry and document handling costs.

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A2iA CheckReader™ Reduces Overhead and Costs by Automatically Extracting Key Data from Checks within an Accounts Receivable Application

October 12, 2010

A2iA CheckReader has been integrated into Red Eagle Automated Payment Processing (REAPP), an accounts receivable solution that provides businesses with an alternative to traditional remote deposit solutions or lockbox services. Easily integrated into existing AR software, REAPP allows users to quickly and easily post payments to customer accounts and does not require a specialized check scanner, so users do not need to scan checks separately from other pages that may be included in the payment envelope.

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A2iA DocumentReader™ Named a ‘KMWorld Trend Setting Product’ for the Third Consecutive Year

August 24, 2010

With its ability to work with data ranging from machine print through to cursive handwriting on completely unstructured white mail or archives, as well as complex data from columns or lists such as that found within lockbox applications or EOBs, A2iA DocumentReader demonstrates a ‘clearly identifiable technology breakthrough’ that addresses the vast needs of the market place.

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A2iA CheckReader™ Integrated with Panini Scanners

August 3, 2010

A2iA has extended its relationship with Panini, the global market share leader in distributed capture. For more than 10-years, the organizations have offered a worldwide, scalable solution that addresses the complete range of check-processing needs across a wide variety of global industries.

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A2iA Supports the Growth of its North American Subsidiary by Appointing Three New Directors

July 22, 2010

A2iA Corp., the North American subsidiary of A2iA S.A., was created in 1999 by Jean-Louis Fages, President and Chairman of the Board, to support the business expansion in the United States and Canada. To support its continued growth, A2iA has named three new directors to its North American team: Wendi Klein, Marketing Communications Director, North America; Ati Azemoun, Sales Director, North America; Yuriy Okrugin, Pre-Sales, Support and Maintenance Director, North and South America.

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A2iA Awarded for its Ability to Work with Hundred-Year-Old Handwritten Documents; Deemed ‘True Ambassador of ECM Technology’

June 20, 2010

A2iA has been named an ECM Connection ACE award finalist for its work with Coutot-Roehrig, to extract and index the information from France’s census and civic records dating from pre-1908, including documents that were handwritten in old-fashioned writing styles, in mixed formats and of poor image-quality. The 2010 ACE awards honor true ambassadors of ECM technology and recognize solutions that have overcome significant business challenges, uncovered new application opportunities, and have generated measurable results.

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A2iA Research Project Selected by The French National Research Agency (L'Agence nationale de la recherche) within the “Content and Interactions” Category

June 12, 2010

Project submitted by A2iA and two partner-university research laboratories will produce new knowledge and interaction between public and corporate laboratories, and its results will strengthen A2iA's proprietary recognition engines.

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A2iA CheckReader™ and CFS DepositWizard ATM Allows Community Banks and Credit Unions to Compete with ‘The Big Boys’ "

June 3, 2010

This scalable integration accelerates timelines, reduces operating costs such as courier and paper-handling fees, combats fraud at the point of deposit, and allows community banks and credit unions to enhance their customer service and provide additional benefits to their patrons.

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