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New Tool Helps Convert Handwritten Docs to Digital Files

As seen in DocuCrunch, August 2010, ""We may be in the digital age, but many businesses and all branches of government still face mountains of handwritten materials, whether forms, applications, letters, checks or write-ups. Automating any part of that task can provide an immediate payback — and the tools are getting more and more powerful, customizable and accurate.

Partner with Mitek

Announced in May 2018, A2iA was acquired by Mitek Systems, a global leader in digital identity verification solutions and inventor of Mobile Deposit®. This acquisition combined two market leaders in image recognition and processing, creating a powerful force with a deep expertise in image analytics.
Our award-winning software toolkits deliver handwriting recognition, text extraction and document classification features. Whether the image is captured by a desktop scanner or mobile device. Our SDKs deliver add-on capabilities that speed automation, simplify customer engagement and quickly capture all types of data from payments and related documents.