Power mobile expense tracking and rebate programs with Mitek Mobility, a flexible and scalable software toolkit (SDK) for integration into mobile apps. Gain the ability to automatically locate and extract data from merchant and shop receipts, including the handwritten tip and total amounts. Reduce data keying, speed the reimbursement process and preserve data integrity.

Gain Automation & Higher Straight-Through Processing. Remove the need for manual keying and equip your app with the ability to capture key data simply by taking a photo of the receipt. Powered by Mitek’s AI, machine learning, and neural networks, the software does not require any user training or templating.

A Simple User Experience with Patented Auto Capture Capabilities. Ensure a clean, high-quality, usable image is captured by using our patented feature, Auto-Locate™. Simply hold the device over the receipt and let the engine do the rest.

Reduce Costs and Speed Processing. 100% client-side and offline image clean-up and data extraction means no servers are required. Utilize the processing power of the mobile device and save on operating and infrastructure costs.