Powered by Mitek’s award-winning handwriting recognition engines and RNN technology, users can quickly capture all information from handwritten and printed notes such as meeting notes, to-do or shopping lists, and handwritten letters – simply by taking a mobile photo.

Embedded directly into an app or the mobile operating system, Mitek mNote is a software toolkit (SDK) that allows developers to customize the user experience and to enable search, editing and sharing of the extracted data.

Automated Captured Capabilities. Ensure a clean, high-quality, usable image is captured by using our patented feature, Auto-Locate™. Simply hold the device over the document and let the engine do the rest.

Transcribe Handwritten Notes. Quickly capture and extract all text from everyday handwritten documents.

Search, Edit & Share Unstructured Data.  Facilitate data searching, retrieval and editing of cursive text. Then, using the extracted data, power the app to export or save document images and data in PDF or other formats, and to share data between devices and even cloud solutions.