Mitek Mobility is a key component within next-generation mobile and payment apps, enabling banks, merchants, and organizations to address mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) and ACH onboarding around the world. Available for integration by software development teams, the toolkit (SDK) is flexible and scalable, and delivers tangible benefits with clear differentiators.

  • Powered by AI, machine learning and neural networks
  • Configurable SDK
  • 100% client-side & offline
  • Dramatic reduction of infrastructure costs
  • Higher straight-through processing
  • Simpler, more seamless user experience
  • Global footprint

Global Footprint. Power mobile check deposit and ACH onboarding around the world with the ability to process checks from multiple countries and languages. In the same call to the engine, also gain intelligence around its image quality analysis (IQA) and image usability analysis (IUA) in accordance with Check 21 and other regulatory standards.

Higher Straight-Through Processing. With Mitek’s patented Auto-Locate™ available for implementation as a standard feature, users quickly and simply capture a clean, high-quality image. Then, the engine automatically locates and extracts data from the check, including machine print, handprint and cursive handwriting, without any manual keying.

Dramatic Reduction of Infrastructure Costs. With Mitek Mobility integrated directly into the mobile app, the need for servers and other infrastructure is eliminated. This cost reduction for the bank translates into a direct bottom line savings. The SDK is 100% offline and client-side, utilizing the processing power of the mobile device only.