mNote™: Turn Cursive Handwritten & Printed Notes Into Searchable, Digital Text by Simply Taking a Photo of the Paper Document with a Smartphone or Tablet.

Powered by Mitek’s award-winning handwriting recognition capabilities and its proprietary AI and RNN, mNote™ brings unstructured and cursive text recognition to the mobile device.  Integrated directly into mobile operating systems, apps, note taking solutions, and more, and without the need for a dictionary or customization, users can transcribe handwritten and printed notes such as meeting notes, to-do or shopping lists, and letters simply by taking a photo of their paper documents. mNote™ also enables users to perform keyword search and data retrieval when the phone is offline and not connected to cellular service or Wi-Fi -- eliminate the burden of carrying paper documents and the risk of losing them!

  • Capture a document quickly and accurately, enabling a simple user experience with Auto-Locate™.
  • 100% client-side and offline processing, including data capture, image clean-up and text recognition.
  • Transcribe cursive handwritten text, handprinted text, machine printed text, or mixed documents - all on the device.
  • Using extracted data, power the mobile app to export or save document images and data in PDF or other formats, and to share data between devices and even cloud-based solutions.
  • Facilitate data searching and editing, directly on your mobile device, offline.

Ensuring a simple user experience, mNote™ also utilizes Mitek’s patented Auto-Locate™ feature to allow users the ability to capture a document quickly and accurately.  Users simply hold the mobile device over a document and without a pre-defined zone or bounding box, and without a specific orientation in which to hold the document, mNote™ automatically locates the edges of the document and captures it.

With mNote™, you always have your important papers with you, wherever you go!