mCapture™ answers the need for mobile app developers looking to obtain a clean, high-quality, mobile image with a simple user experience. Once the image is captured, it can be sent to the workflow for further processing or archiving.

Already proven in the global market place, mCapture™ is a software toolkit (SDK) that features two of Mitek’s most powerful mobile capabilities: Mitek's patented Auto-Locate™, powering automatic image capture with a video stream, and image preprocessing. 

Available for integration into apps for a quick, client-side and offline experience, mCapture is powered by Mitek’s AI, machine learning and neural networks to deliver robust capabilities within a small footprint.

mCapture Features:

  • Software SDK for integration into mobile apps
  • Offline and client-side
  • Patented Auto-Locate™: simply hold the mobile device over the document and the engine will locate its edges and capture the photo automatically
  • Image Processing
    • Skew correction
    • Orientation correction
    • Automatic cropping
    • Noise and shadow removal
    • Light correction
  • Image correction and binarization: convert a color image into a black and white image