ID Recognition and Complex onBoarding

Financial institutions, telecom companies, and other organizations are changing the way they interact with customers and potential clients due to the changing market dynamic. The need to streamline and simplify the onboarding process is critical, as is the requirement to process a more complex workflow that includes mixed documents such as ID cards, proof of residency forms, other documentation, and payments.

Increase completion rates. Mitek Mobility is an AI and machine-learning-based software toolkit (SDK) that can be integrated into complex onboarding solutions to help improve customer engagement with a simple experience, achieve regulatory requirements, reduce the risk for fraud, and ultimately increase completion rates.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution within the onboarding landscape. Requirements vary by industry and geography, and are often based on additional decisioning criteria. Mitek Mobility’s flexible and scalable capabilities integrated into your mobile app or onboarding workflow enable a customizable solution that ensures a satisfied customer:

  • Global footprint for ID recognition. Automatically locate and extract data from global IDs, including US drivers’ licenses, any global passport or visa that meets ICAO standards (including more than 230 countries), and European national cards. Support enrollment, SIM card registration, and other customer credentialing workflows. Powered by Mitek’s AI, machine learning and neural networks, there is no templating required.
  • Proof of residency documents and forms. Supporting information and proof of residency documents are often required. Let Mitek apply its proven data extraction capabilities to reduce manual keying and preserve data integrity.
  • Help meet KYC and other regulatory requirements. Capture key data from IDs and documents, and help to minimize “false positives.” Enable third party validation and authentication tools to perform compliance and other risk management requirements by using the extracted information.