History-making Technology for Today’s Information Needs

The professionals entrusted to protect, manage and make accessible historic documents, records and archives – from governmental agencies to libraries, municipalities to universities, museums to corporations – typically share two common challenges:

  • How do you leverage priceless data and timeless insights found in centuries' worth of hard copy documents with today's modern research tools and search engines?
  • How can you achieve this most efficiently and cost-effectively, while also ensuring the resulting electronic database is intuitive, easy-to-use and valuable for the end-user?​

See how Mitek can help you turn your historic document archives into a readily-accessible digital database.

Automating Processes, Eliminating Manual Tasks

Mitek customers all around the world know that the seemingly labor-intensive process of historic document conversion can be expedited using Mitek's proven and proprietary Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) technology.  IWR takes traditional Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) one step further and enables Mitek to identify, classify and extract critical and complex data found in historic documents (like century-old cursive handwriting) that other software programs cannot.  And, Mitek’s IWR software helps to automate the document conversion process – eliminating the cumbersome and error-prone process of manual keystroking – to arrive at a faster, more accurate and more affordable, searchable digital archive.

Access to Insights with Easy to Find, Easy to Share Files

Imagine being able to locate, extract, categorize, compile, analyze, search and report on information from every document in your historic archives with the touch of a button.  You choose the search criteria – keywords or phrases, names, dates, places, events – whatever suits your users’ needs.

Experience the freedom, flexibility and unprecedented access to your archives that only Mitek can provide.