Delivering Efficiency and ROI to Providers and Payors

Healthcare today is filled with complexity – for physicians, for patients, for providers, for anyone and everyone connected to the system. From a document processing perspective, this is especially true for the providers and payors that depend on quick and accurate information to ensure the correct billing and reimbursement is enacted. Mitek’s recognition technology can help users more effectively manage their revenue cycle by correctly identifying data from within patients’ charts and automating workflow processes from medical coding (computer assisted and computer aided coding), to the explanation of benefits (EOBs) and complex insurance claim forms. In addition, as the world moves rapidly toward full implementation of EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records), Mitek can help improve workflow and achieve meaningful use by making sense of clinical documentation with improved data recognition, sorting, classification and indexing of each form, chart and record.

Cracking the Coding – Improving the Revenue Cycle

To keep up with The World Health Organization’s 10th iteration of its diagnosis and treatment coding system (ICD-10), providers and payors are automating their coding processes to accelerate their workflow and compress their revenue cycle. Mitek’s recognition technology works hand in hand with Computer Assisted Coding applications to help at both stages of the coding process – 1) sorting the documents into categories/document-types regardless of whether they are structured forms or handwritten physicians' notes, and 2) automatically identifying keywords and phrases that will be assigned an ICD-10 code from documents like doctors' or nurses' notes, lab requisitions, and other variations of clinical documentation found in a patient’s chart. Mitek can also be paired with a medical coding solution’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) to increase its successes -- delivering fast and accurate access to all data.

For the Medical Record – Advancing Health Information Management

The shift towards EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records) for all clinical documentation promises benefits of improved efficacy and outcomes for patients. The ability for physicians to access patient records and share that information across offices, disciplines and even international borders is being realized more and more each day. At the same time, most providers and payors are working in a hybrid environment – transitioning to digital but still living with paper. Here, too, Mitek can help achieve meaningful use through advanced data extraction, or data lifting, including cursive handwriting commonly found within a chart. Manual sorting can be removed, as Mitek’s automatic indexing allows for clinical documentation to be routed to the appropriate department at a medical facility or workflow, while still remaining searchable and reportable. By reducing the manual intervention needed in patient record processing, Mitek’s technology also helps customers meet governmental privacy and confidentiality requirements, including HIPAA in the United States.