Increase Transparency, Access and Data Utility

Consider the paper-based records that have been compiled and preserved since your country, region or town was founded through the current day. The amount of data that governments at all levels around the world have in documents residing in both their active files and archive files is staggering. The public pressure to make those records usable and accessible is real. With Mitek, the ability to capture data embedded in these records using proven recognition software, converting them to searchable digital documents and effectively managing those databases is an exercise that is actually easier than it sounds.

Key Finding: Searchable Data in Your Language

Mitek’s advanced classification and data extraction capabilities help users conquer even their toughest documents. Forms, deeds, surveys, reports, payments and more – if it is processed by the government, Mitek can help convert those hard copy documents into searchable, sortable and easily accessible digital files. Mitek’s technology is available in 9 languages – Latin Languages, Arabic, Chinese and Russian – and has a 42 country footprint. This affords customers an added sensitivity to their local idioms and phrases, which enables an even greater degree of accuracy when capturing, indexing and retrieving desired data sets.

Building Your Digital Database Efficiently and Securely

Mitek enables governments to manage their records more effectively and more securely than their current paper-based systems – both interdepartmentally and externally for public-facing documents. Discovery and document sharing become fully automated processes, which improve efficiency and productivity across the government enterprise.