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One of the largest banking groups in France selected A2iA Mobility for a mobile enrollment project. From anywhere on their own phone or tablet, customers can now automatically capture and extract key information from IDs, proof of residency and other documents, speeding access to data and simplifying the mobile enrollment process. By significantly reducing the number of customer visits to the branch, A2iA Mobility has also created a new customer experience by enabling self-service processes with high quality gains and a reduced operating cost for each branch.  In addition to banking customers, bank employees can also utilize the app at the bank by photographing the IDs and forms and speeding access to the information, without the need for manual entry.

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A2iA is an award-winning developer of handwriting recognition, text extraction and document classification software. With simple, easy to use and intuitive toolkits, A2iA delivers add-on features to speed automation, simplify customer engagement and quickly capture all types of data from documents – whether captured by a desktop scanner or mobile device.