Automating Your Forms Processing Can Give You More

Only FieldReader™ uses cutting edge Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) capabilities - the next generation of recognition technology for forms processing and automated document management. Developed and offered exclusively by Mitek, FieldReader™ leverages the most advanced OCR, ICR and proprietary cursive handwriting recognition technologies to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate character recognition software tool available anywhere in the world for forms processing solutions. With unmatched precision and speed, FieldReader™ brings increased throughput, searchable files and improved workflow for businesses that require high-performance forms processing results.

Applications: Forms that Need to Move Faster and More Accurately

Look around at the hard copy files on your desk and through the digital files on your computer. You’ll find a variety of different types of business forms – no two are exactly alike – and, they are filled with a wide range of equally uncommon data fields. Capturing these diverse data fields quickly and with optimal accuracy reduces what can be very costly processing errors to your business.

Once deployed as a key engine within your forms processing application, FieldReader™ will help to reduce your data processing errors and time – and that will positively impact your bottom line.

Every Type of Type is Within Sight

FieldReader™ recognizes all types of character that appear in a field on a business form – letters, numbers, special characters, signatures, checkboxes and more. FieldReader™ also boasts a global reach, addressing business requirements from all parts of the world.

Think you have a character that can’t be captured? Ask for a demo!