Document Automation and Data Extraction Software

DocumentReader™ is a powerful document classification and key-field extraction engine that drives successful workflow automation and digital file conversion processes for leading businesses worldwide through document automation. Mitek’s signature technology includes its software’s unique ability to automatically identify the document-type, route each document to the appropriate workflow based on both layout and content, and to extract specific identifying fields and phrases.

Automatic Document-Type Detection, Classification, and Key-Field Extraction. Virtually All Data From Any Document – Even Complex Workflows

With our data extraction software complex documents can be defined as those documents that contain handwritten information, and those that have varying layouts and structures. Think for a minute about how many documents in every line of business fit this definition. That’s A LOT of complex documents that traditional recognition technology cannot easily process! DocumentReader™ provides a seamless document automation solution to this common business challenge.

Complex documents can be problematic for businesses trying to achieve workflow automation because they typically rely on human paper-handling to evaluate, decipher and classify the information, which slows productivity and increases costs. More human interaction = more labor costs, increased process bottlenecks and slower processing times. DocumentReader™ eliminates these operational headaches by automating the unnecessary manual processes of document sorting and manual data-entry of key fields and phrases. This translates directly into improved speed to information, data accuracy, and company profitability. It’s that simple.

Intelligent Data Extraction Software

Document Classification

DocumentReader™ is the only software able to process all types of paper documents and incoming mail, regardless of their structure or contents. Mitek goes further than existing OCR and ICR engines that are unable to recognize cursive handwriting, and other classification engines that use only layout to route a document.

DocumentReader automates the entire incoming workflow. With this new generation of technology, all-types of paper documents can be processed automatically. The engines first classify the documents into “categories” by analyzing both their geometry and content. The software examines the layout of the documents’ elements. Then, using a general dictionary as well as a trade vocabulary, it analyses the content of the document to extract key words and expressions in order to determine the type of document.

Mitek’s technology turns paper documents into meaningful information that can be integrated into companies’ information system.

Key-Field Extraction

DocumentReader™ extracts all identifying information from printed and cursive documents to define key information: alpha (first name, last name, address block), numeric, or alpha-numeric (Social Security Number, phone number, client’s reference, account, etc.)

The Mitek-extracted data can then be imported into document management, knowledge management or enterprise-search systems. With this add-on, cursive handwritten information can become part of a structured database, making it searchable and reportable - based on complex parameters - with the same level of flexibility as printed or digital data.

Customers are using DocumentReader™ in every type of industry, company, and country you can imagine to create and manage digital mailrooms, automate forms and payment processes, convert paper to electronic files, improve service response times and improve access to data throughout the organization.

Some examples of common applications that trust DocumentReader™ include:

  • Customer Correspondence Management / Incoming Workflows
  • Customer Onboarding and Enrollment
  • Contract Management
  • Customer or Patient File Management
  • Claims Management and Insurance Underwriting
  • Paper to Electronic Document Conversion within Healthcare
  • Automation of Administrative Processes to Facilitate eGovernment Applications
  • Historic Document Conversion / Records Management
  • Sensitive Data Extraction for Military Intelligence

Customize Your Solution - Only from Mitek

DocumentReader™ is a software toolkit currently available in multiple country and language versions. By allowing for customization and backed by an award-winning R&D team, Mitek goes to great lengths to ensure your recognition solution is a perfect fit for your particular workflow, operational and IT environments. By delivering more access to this data, Mitek’s customers achieve tangible results.

How can DocumentReader™ improve your operational efficiency today?