Join A2iA at #AHIMACon15 
Booth 1349
Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA
September 26-30, 2015

Click here to reserve a time at the show with one of our healthcare industry specialists.  See a demo of our latest product, A2iA TextReader - recognize full text (printed AND cursive handwriting) without a dictionary or customization.  Keep PHI protected but speed automation with A2iA!

Advancing Health Information Management

The shift towards EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records) for all clinical documentation promises benefits of improved efficacy and outcomes for patients.  The ability for physicians to access patient records and share that information across offices, disciplines and even international borders is being realized more and more each day.

At the same time, most providers and payors are working in a hybrid environment – transitioning to digital but still living with paper.  Here, too, A2iA can help achieve meaningful use through advanced data extraction, or data lifting, including cursive handwriting commonly found within a chart.  Manual sorting can be removed, as A2iA’s automatic indexing allows for clinical documentation to be routed to the appropriate department at a medical facility or workflow, while still remaining searchable and reportable.  By reducing the manual intervention needed in patient record processing, A2iA’s technology also helps customers meet governmental privacy and confidentiality requirements, including HIPAA in the United States.

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