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A2iA announced the availability of A2iA mNote™, a new software toolkit that turns cursive handwritten notes into searchable, digital text by simply taking a photo of the paper document with a smartphone or tablet. Powered by A2iA’s award-winning handwriting recognition capabilities, A2iA mNote brings unstructured and cursive text recognition to the mobile device as a new feature that can be integrated into mobile operating systems, apps, note taking solutions, and more. Without the need for a dictionary or customization, users can transcribe handwritten notes such as meeting notes, to-do or shopping lists, and handwritten letters.

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A2iA is an award-winning developer of handwriting recognition, text extraction and document classification software. With simple, easy to use and intuitive toolkits, A2iA delivers add-on features to speed automation, simplify customer engagement and quickly capture all types of data from documents – whether captured by a desktop scanner or mobile device.