Driving Global Payments and Information Exchange

Many of the modern conveniences banking and financial services customers enjoy throughout the world today are enabled by A2iA’s data, image and word recognition innovations.  In fact, A2iA’s check processing software and document management technologies have become an indispensable part of global commerce and branch transformation – helping to expedite and authenticate payments (checks, money orders, etc.), financial forms, and supporting documents, from the back office to the teller window, to the ATM, merchant, mobile device or other remote capture locations. These keystone capabilities help banks improve efficiency, reduce fraud and enhance convenience for their customers.

a2ia CheckReader - Check Processing Software

A2iA is a pioneer in the fields of data capture and document management – with particular expertise focused on cursive handwriting and machine print recognition – which made for an ideal and much-needed banking application: automated check processing.  The success of a2ia CheckReader™ can be measured by market adoption:

  • Deployed by 8 of the top 10 US-based banks, 90% of French banks, 90% of Brazilian Banks, and 100% of UK banks
  • More than 50,000 points of deposit worldwide
  • Over 70,000 ATM installs in the US, UK, France, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.
  • Millions of daily transactions successfully processed

Capitalizing on these market successes and proven capabilities in the global payment systems market, a2ia Mobility™ brings about a new way for mobile data recognition. With all capabilities client side on the phone or tablet and the ability to process checks from non-English speaking territories, A2iA delivers offline recognition to create an intelligent handset.

A2iA DocumentReader – Automated Document Processing

The logical companion to these products is a2ia DocumentReader™, which allows banks and financial institutions to automate the capture and classification of data found in supporting documents such as mortgages, loan applications, handwritten notes, envelopes and more. With the combined successes of these products banks benefit from a comprehensive, integrated and automated check processing and document management solution.

The Bottom Line: A2iA Helps Banks Capture Improved Profitability

Automating manual processes, ensuring information is verified and routed to the correct place and reducing the risk for human error saves banks FTE expenditures that would otherwise be incurred via hours of unnecessary manual labor.